The Dragon Slayers

Truth is, you will not find CEOs here. No CFOs, no Account Executives, no Heads of whatever...

What you will find are three people who came with their controversially successful individual careers, sat around a table at a hole-in-the-wall budget-friendly South-Indian restaurant in Beirut, and reassured each other that it is possible to make a difference and an income without apologizing for who you are.

Everyday, we wake up and we slay the dragon that is the conventional, impersonal business culture that still breathes out its fire over the lands of authenticity.


Amgad (Visuals/Web)

Slays with his ability to find originality in every idea and translate it into a relatable visual identity

About Amgad

  • Obsessive about the way things work.
  • Multi-skilled: graphic design, photography, writing, crafts and applied arts, great teaching skills, makes excellent Egyptian ful and eggplant, as well as kickass pizza (from scratch!).
  • Started working as a graphic designer in 1997.
  • Scope of work: creative and business consultancy, creative direction, graphic design, web design, WordPress, project workflow design,  product design.
  • Serial entrepreneur with unparalleled experience in failed businesses and a unique set of acquired skills and knowledge as a consequence.


Bothaina (Strategies)

Slays with her instinctive ability to find opportunities for growth and sustainability

About Bothaina

  • Safe harbor for people and a social life fiend.
  • Marketing strategist extraordinaire and talent manager (musicians, content creators)
  • Master at grilling anything.
  • Traveled extensively and loves exploring cultures and street foods
  • Ex-corporate PR and Marketing witch, now reformed bohemian with a passion to help genuine businesses make successful plans and execute them.
  • Amazing track record at planning and executing events of any size and in any industry.


Yasmine (Content/UX)

Slays with verbal communication and unrelenting commitment to cater to the real human experience

About Yasmine

  • Obsessed with all things Irish, and dreams of singing Irish folk songs in Irish pubs and streets.
  • Person of words: writer, editor, proofreader, Arabic translator, communications manager.
  • Person of people: tribe manager, client servicing, UX manager
  • Idealist struggling with anxiety, atheist, polyamorous relationship anarchist, clueless parent.
  • Full time freelancer and collaborator/partner on projects since 2006.
  • Likes to sing, play the ukulele, laugh, dance, write unfinished songs and dramatic very short stories.

The Jazilan Tribe

These are the supporters of our quest for authenticity and relatability.

They draw from our vision, experience and skill, add theirs, and they make magic happen while zealously catering to our tendency for Socratic seminars.

They inspire us to be better communicators, better educators, and better students.


Cynthia (Cee)

Graphic Designer, Digital Artist

About Cee

  • Avid diver and traveler.
  • Digital artist blending photography and graphic design to make eccentric, conceptual art.
  • Graphic designer, creates awesome branding works and helps turn boring data into art
  • Owns a lovely little Saj place in the woods called "Lolita", and runs it with her siblings.
  • The epitome of quiet empathy and unpretentious coolness.
  • Very quick to help and support people she loves.


Ahmad S.

Digital Marketer, Arabic Copywriter

About Ahmad

  • Mind-boggling-ly fast Arabic copywriter and a master of sarcasm and sharp wit.
  • Social Media specialist and recently studied and started practicing Google Ads marketing.
  • Has a passion for photography and filmmaking, and maintains a career focused on the field of cinema.
  • Created the Egyptian collective "Portrait" that merges poetry, art and singing in its shows.
  • Great help in managing people and tasks, and is skilled in maneuvering those times people piss him off.
  • Squash, football and any physical activity make him happy

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Amgad Jr.

Illustrator, Graphic Designer

About Jr.

  • An avid gamer with passion for everything Nintendo and Japanese anime.
  • Illustrator, character designer and graphic designer. Also moonlights as an awesome amateur animator.
  • Designed games and created characters, and dreams of working in game design for a living.
  • Goes all out on every task and project, pouring heart and soul into it.
  • Dedicated to the technicalities and best practices of design and eager to keep on learning.
  • Defends his professional perspective and choices vigorously, and is a friend to reason.


Dalia (Dallouz)

Project Manager, Researcher

About Dalia


Adam (Adamni8)

Gaming Content Creator, Illustrator

About Adamni8

  • Offspring to Yasmine and Amgad
  • Currently Fortnite fanatic and gaming content creator on youtube and Rawa TV.
  • Multi-talented artist with a specific knack for drawing and hand crafts.
  • Full of questions, quick to help, quite self-reliant for a pre-teen, Googles everything.


Baylasan (Basbousa)

Lifestyle/Gaming Content Creator

About Basbousa

  • Offspring to Amgad and Yasmine
  • Performer by nature, naturally inclined to dance, act, sing, make up songs.
  • Lifestyle and gaming content creator on youtube.
  • Extremely social and feeds off the energy of people as she feeds them back with her energy.
  • Crazy about cats.
  • Loves makeup and dressing up.

Want to work with us?

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